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ECOLE LIAO CH'AN QI GONG - Qi Gong/ Méditation/ Médecine Chinoise   www.ecole-qigong.com



Liao Ch’an Qi Gong


A Space to Nourish Life

Training Centre for

Qi Gong, Tai Ji,

Eastern Meditation,

Chinese Medicine and Culture.





Liao means

transcending the polarity of existence, letting go.

Chan is the wisdom of life that is attained

through awareness and meditation.



Three-year Qi Gong Training Programme


Our aim


1-   To offer to anybody who wishes to have a fulfilled and healthy life a complete and in-depth training that encompasses Chinese traditional Qi Gong, Chinese medicine and philosophy, as well as Eastern spirituality…


2-   To train not only Qi Gong teachers and highly qualified therapists in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but also to embody and convey a lifestyle in which our heart is open to adventure and to the unknown; our intent is to discover the world and other people with no prejudice nor doctrine, but with  freedom, lightness and sensitiveness to beauty, so that we may be able to make our spirit and body ever more exquisite, until we are at one with the Universe … also with respect and gratitude towards the transmission of this Art of living and the whole of existence.


3-   To invite researchers and highly qualified innovators to work in the sphere of Chinese Medicine to support a more contemporary development of this wonderful science, which goes back  more than six thousand years…



Attested by Liao Chan Qi Gong School

Preparation to the examination for the Federal French Certificate




Liao Yi Lin – liaochanqigong.over-blog.com


-       Liao Yi Lin has been practicing the disciplines she teaches for more than thirty years; thanks to her expertise, she is often invited to conduct Qi Gong, Tai Ji and Chan Meditation workshops in many French cities, as well as abroad. ( 2002-2008) She herself initiated a great variety of Qi Gong movements and meditation forms that are particularly useful for the people of our modern times. Her original blend of Qi Gong and Chan meditation makes her practice and teaching unique and profound, and also full of grace and serenity. Liao founded the Liao Chan Qi Gong School in 2008. Being an expert in Chinese Traditional Medicine, she created an original TCM Healing Methods training programme at the Liao Chan Yang Sheng Fang- Liao Ch’an Qi Gong Center. (2008- ) 

-       She is the author of: “Le Trésor du Qi Gong : la Bannière Ma Wang Dui ” [A Qi Gong Treasure : the Banner of Ma Wang Dui]September 2008, published by Guy Trédaniel ; “L’Art d’Aimer à la Chinoise – le Vol du Phénix” [The Chinese Art of Love – The Flying Phoenix] October 2007 published by La Martinière ; “Fleur de Chine – Parfum de la Sagesse Ch’an” [China’s Flower – Perfume of Ch'an Wisdom] published by Guy Trédaniel in 2010;“ ; “L’Art de Voir - Qi Gong Pour les Yeux” [Qi Gong for the eyes] in 2011, published by Guy Trédaniel ; « L’Art de Méditer – Liao Ch’an Qi Gong ” [The Art of Meditating: Liao Chan Qi Gong] in 2011, published by Guy Trédaniel ; “L’Art de vivre – Clés d’une longue vie épanouissante” [The Art of Living: Keys for a Long and Fulfilling Life] in 2013, published by Guy Trédaniel, “l’Art de soigner – les Trésors de la Médecine Chinoise”.[The Art of Healing: the Treasures of Chinese Medicine].  As an expert of Qi Gong and Chinese culture she also helped to publish  “L’Art du Bien-Etre dans le Monde”  [The Art of Well-being in the World] by Galya Ortéga and “Eveil” [Awakenings: Asian Wisdom for Everyday – published in English by Harry N Abrams Inc.] by Olivier and Danielle Fôllmi, in October 2007.

-       M.A. in Chinese Philosophy and Literature at the Hong Kong University; M.A. in Film Making at the French State Film School  “La Femis”, in Paris .

-       She worked as screenwriter, director and producer of several documentary films, as well as screenwriter of many fiction projects. 1987-2005  

-       Please visit http://www.meditationfrance.com/liao 


Gérard Olivier – www.go-biokinergie.com 


-       French State Degree in Massage and Kinesitherapy in 1975. 

-       Osteopathy certificate in 1985. 

-       Biokinergy Certificate in 1991. 

-       Since 1993, he has worked as professor of Biokinergy at the C.E.R.B. (French Centre for Teaching and Research in Biokinergy), where he developed a method for applying the meridian system to Biokinergy.

-       Author of the book “Localisations symptomatiques et Système Méridien” [Symptomatic localisations and Meridian System”].

-       Gérard has a 30-year experience in therapy and has achieved remarkable results, creating his own healing method , the “Art of Harmonising the Meridian System” (和諧經絡療法  Hé Xié Jing Lo Liao Fa) and training professional practitioners.

-       Gérard also created several synergies of Essential Oils of proven efficacy that can be used in massage and other therapies.



Information and registration

Liao Ch’an Qi Gong : liaochanqigong@free.fr

09 53 22 63 39 in case of urgency : 06 63 70 69 23

The Centre’s address :

71, rue Robespierre 93100 Montreuil

Subway Saint Mandé (line 1) or Robespierre (line9)

or RER Vincennes







The official document for the training courses of

LIAO CH'AN QI GONG IS REGISTERED ( n° 1175 4638 275)


employers to sign contracts for training courses.




N°1, N° 2 – A Qi Gong Treasure :

Ma Wang Dui Banner

Main topic :

A Life of Wisdom facing Seasonal Changes;

- embodying the 5 elements inside of us.

According to the teachings of Liao Yi Lin’s book,

“Le Trésor du Qi Gong - La Bannière Ma Wang Dui”.


44 movements from Ma Wang Dui Banner,

an extraordinary document dating back more than 2000 years.

This is a practice of self-healing, useful in a wide variety of illnesses; it involves

a deep work on the 5 Elements, the 5 seasons and the 5 organs.

This ancestral method of leading and cultivating inner energy has been

superbly re-actualized by contemporary Qi Gong masters.

Liao Yi Lin is the first person who introduced this Qi Gong treasure

to the Western world...

The movements of the Banner form are simple and efficient and go back to the origins of Qi Gong ;

therefore, they are particularly suitable for beginners and Qi Gong teachers...

These 44 movements are indispensable for anyone who wishes to taste the most authentic

Qi Gong tradition and to understand the original significance of Qi Gong practice in Ancient China.

We believe that Qi Gong teachers should plunge into the Source

before swimming in the depths of the Ocean...

Liao Yi Lin will explore the fundamental topic of the five seasons

according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, and their connection to emotions, such as

anger, joy, love, grounding, sadness,

detachment, fear and death.

She will also speak about the wisdom that is necessary to face the seasonal and

environmental changes, i.e. about how to embody the 5 elements inside of us.


2-weekend training

with the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine taught by Gérard Olivier

N°1 : Yin / Yang - 5 elements ( level 1 )

N°2 : 5 elements (suite) - general information about meridians


N°3- Eight Pieces of Brocade

Twelve Pieces of Brocade for Bedridden People (sitting position)

particularly suited for old people and hospitalized patients

Main topic : life and rebirth


- 8 movements from the " Eight Pieces of Brocade" , Northern Style: a wonderful practice,

simple and profound, useful for keeping the 5 organs and the six  viscera in good health.

- 12 simple movements in sitting position that allow old or convalescent people and  

hospitalized patients to strengthen their immune response and thus foster better healing.

- Liao Yi Lin explains the metaphysics of disease,

illustrating them with many practical examples,

allowing trainees to trace the deepest causes of a variety of serious illness

and thus promote better healing.

- She also proposes several texts of Eastern wisdom

about life and rebirth.

She encourages the use of natural and life-respecting healing methods for a healthy spirit/body.


1-weekend training

with the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine taught by Gérard Olivier (suite)

Ancient points – Three Heaters – Different kinds of energy



N°4- Meditation Festival –

Inner Qi Gong according to Taoist and Chan Buddhist meditation

and other methods from Hindu tradition, with chants and spontaneous dances.

Main topic: the Art of Meditation

Liao Ch’an Qi Gong – Movement Meditation

With teachings taken from the book, « Fleur de Chine- Parfum de Sagesse Ch’an » [China’s Flower – Perfume of Chan Wisdom] and « l’Art deMéditer – Méditation en Mouvement Liao Ch’an Qi Gong »

[The Art of Meditating: Liao Chan Qi Gong], both written by Liao Yi LIN.


The great Chan masters from ancient China, like Hui Neng, Ma Tsu, Lin Tsi, Po Cheng,

as well as some great contemporary Chan masters like Xu Yuen Lao and Nan Huai Chin

have taught us to apply the treasures of meditation to our everyday life.

Liao Yi Lin invites us to step into this wonderful world of Chinese spirituality

by means of simple and efficient methods, like meditation and self-inquiry

with the use of koans (existential questions), and Liao Chan Qi Gong meditations,

which have been developed by Liao Yi Lin

and whose final part consists in a session of traditional Chan sitting meditation.

As ancient master Yung Chia once said:

“Walking is Chan, sitting is Chan, speaking or silent, active or quiet,

the essence is at peace.”

Many other texts like this one will be shared...

The Chinese Taoists handed down to us some meditations

that follow specific inner energy charts...

And there are also a variety of modern methods,

using mantra chants and spontaneous dances...

Our aim is to share the widest possible array of meditation techniques,

belonging to many Eastern traditions, in order to open people’s mind and heart

in a way that is available for everyone.

Then, each one shall chose his or her own way to blossom and to have a fulfilling life.

Liao Yi Lin guides us into meditation with words of profound wisdom and tenderness

coming from manifold Eastern traditions.


1-weekend training

with the fundamentals of Chinese Medicine taught by Gérard Olivier (suite):

Conception Vessel – Governor Vessel




“Woman’s Perfume” and “Man’s Honour”

according to Liao Ch’an Qi Gong methods

Main topic: Love and Sexuality


According to the teachings of the book:  “L’Art d’Aimer à la Chinoise - le Vol du Phénix”

[The Chinese Art of Love – The Flying Phoenix] written by Liao Yi Lin


This workshop includes the teaching of specific Qi Gong movements initiated by Liao Yi Lin,

whose purpose is to nourish woman’s blood and man’s Jing,

as well as self-massages and particular acupoints to be massaged to help

curing a wide range of unbalances: menopause problems, menstrual pain,

erection problems, premature ejaculation, lack of desire, etc.

Liao Yi Lin will speak about how Eastern wisdom

deals with love and sexuality

with the help of beautiful texts from various spiritual masters.

She will touch many topics, such as couple relationship

and love and sexuality, illustrating them with examples coming from real life.



5-day training

with the teaching of  the main massage acupoints,

specific for the « Man-Woman » relation

by Gérard Olivier and Liao Yi Lin,

as well as The Great Yin-Yang Points, Luo Points and Luo Rule,

Mu Points - Shu Points.




N°6- N°7 Five Animal Frolic Qi Gong -

Qi Gong and healing methods for children

Main topic: Parent/Child Relation


This playful and funny series of movements

not only allows us to recover our inner child and innocence,

together with our animal instinct, but it is also very useful to strengthen the 5 organs.

This series of movements is particularly suitable to be practiced

by children and adults together,

and thus a wonderful opportunity to communicate

with children through a playful activity.

Liao Yi Lin will speak about Parent/Child relationship and education

with the help of beautiful texts from Eastern wisdom…

She will give precious advice about how to be and what to do so that the relation between generations may be like a bridge rather than a gap, or an abyss,

also through the projection of her film “Journey to the Source”.


2-weekend training

with the suite of teachings about Chinese Medicine and the specific pressure points

for child healing, as well as some fundamentals about embryology

and specific pressure points during pregnancy



8- Ten Healing Sounds

- according to Liao Ch’an Qi Gong method

Main topic: the subtle ways of healing

and the pleasure of meditating


In addition to the "Six Traditional Healing Sounds" to cleanse and tonify the 5 organs

and the 6 viscera, Liao Yi Lin offers a specific Qi Gong practice to prompt the expulsion of impurities and to free ourselves from psychological and physical hindrances;

these added spiritual sounds are used

in Eastern tradition to acquire a quiet spirit in a healthy body. 

This is a Qi Gong of true liberation,

as it allows us to expel emotional and physical blockages

and thus to free us from all the negative thoughts and emotions that have hampered our life and have kept us prisoners of our ego and petty personality.

Let us get rid of our inner demons, of our stifled anger, and let our body blossom and dance freely in space, so that we may access real harmony, in a state

of pure stillness and authentic peace.

Liao Yi Lin reads and performs splendid texts of great Taoist and Chan masters,

to help us enter into deep meditation.


1-weekend training

with the suite of teachings about Chinese Medicine :

Detailed information about Lung and Large Intestine Meridians



N°9 – Self-Protection Qi Gong –

according to Liao Ch’an Qi Gong method

Main topic: The Art of Acting and Reacting

- strengthening the immune and defensive energy

Method of protection for masseurs, therapists,

and teachers of Qi Gong and other Energy Techniques.


The aim of these specific Qi Gong and Tai Ji movements is to strengthen

the immune and defensive energy,

also with the help of particular pressure points.

Liao Yi Lin exposes these protection methods illustrating them with concrete examples.

It is an indispensable knowledge for anyone who works in the field

of energy and healing.

She gives therapists precious hints to protect themselves from negative energies.

Liao Yi Lin also shares with us inspiring texts of Eastern wisdom

about the Art of reacting and responding to our environment.

She also proposes a set of essential oils particularly suitable for this purpose.


1-weekend training

with the following series of teachings about Chinese Medicine by Gérard Olivier :

Detailed information about Kidney and Bladder Meridians





Qi Gong for the Eyes

according to Liao Ch’an Qi Gong method

Main topic : The Art of Seeing

“Eyes are the messengers of the Heart and the watchers of the Liver”.


The purpose of these very complete movements, based on the 12 meridian circulation of energy

and animated by breath, is to nourish and re-dynamize

the deep energy of the eyes…

Liao Yi Lin will guide us through an easy self-massage, using specific pressure points,

in order to foster the healing of a variety of eye diseases.

This method allows us to feel energy and make it circulate in the 12 meridians

thanks to very simple gestures and movements of the four limbs.

Liao Yi Lin shows us the subtle body/spirit relationship by means of

concrete examples of a variety of eye diseases.

She explains the “Art of Seeing” and shares with us the wise words

of spiritual masters of many different traditions concerning eyesight.

This series of movements for the well-being of the eyes is a personal synthesis

made by Liao Yi Lin after a 30-year research and practice on herself...


This long workshop includes the following series of teachings about Chinese Medicine by Gérard Olivier :

Detailed information about Liver/Gall Bladder, Heart/Small Intestine, Pericardium/Triple Heater

Spleen/Stomach Meridians

Detailed information to find specific points to heal eye diseases.




N°11, N°12 – Eternal Spring Qi Gong

- Qi gong for weight loss and rejuvenation

Main topic: The Chinese Art of Living

and the secret of Longevity and Rejuvenation


20 remarkable and beautiful movements initiated by great master Zhang Guang De

to re-establish balance in the 5 organs and 6 viscera,

very efficient for anybody wishing to lose weight and to look and feel younger. 

Under the gentle guidance of Liao Yi Lin we are introduced to the Chinese Art of Living

and share her experiences in the Chinese villages where dwell many people over 100 years old,

through a series of photos she took herself.

Liao Yi Lin also recites some of her texts and poems

and shares with us some excerpts of the “Huang Di Nei Jing”,

the major treatise on Traditional Chinese Medicine.


2-weekend training

Including the next series of teachings about Chinese Medicine by Gérard Olivier :

Detailed information about Muscle-Tendon Meridians, Xi Points, Source Points,

Deep Channel Branches, Rejuvenation Points



N°13 – “Woman’s Perfume” Qi Gong

Qi Gong for Women – Woman’s Perfume

according to Liao Ch’an Qi Gong method.

Main topic : Fully living our femininity


This series of Qi Gong movements has been initiated and developed by Liao Yi LIN

specifically for the beauty and health of women.

During this workshop, she also teaches:

- massage and self-massage points to help health disorders during menopause,

to heal menstrual unbalances, to prepare for pregnancy, etc.

- the use of specific plants and food to nourish Woman’s Blood.

- “Walking-Dancing between Heaven and Earth”

a method to prevent breast and womb cancer.

Liao Yi Lin also shares with us the ancestral wisdom of Chinese Medicine

about how to better live the various steps in a woman’s life:

from puberty to pregnancy, until menopause.



N°14 – 5-Organ Walk

According ot Liao Ch’an Qi Gong method

Main topic : methods of prevention and accompaniment

for cancer patients


The 5-organ Walks initiated by Liao Yi Lin are inspired by Ma Wang Dui Banner,

an extraordinary document dating back more than2 000 years.

It is an efficient method of prevention, as well as a way to help seriously ill people.

Liao Yi Lin explains the deep causes of many sorts of cancers.

She introduces us to these walks, which have proven very effective

for many cancer patients in China, and illustrates them with tangible examples.


1-weekend training

Including the next series of teachings about Chinese Medicine:

Detailed information about Zhang Fu – functions of the Organs

Healing methods for cancer illnesses.




Bodhidharma’s Great Treasures:

“Muscle/Tendon Changing”

and “Marrow/Brain Washing”


According to the original Dao Kuan version,

initiated by Bodhidarma and then developed

 for more than a thousand years by the Taoist masters and Shaolin Temple monks,

as it is taught by

Master Tsing Ke Jin, the 4th generation successor to the Chen Tai Ji School,

expert in Yang Sheng Qi Gong, presented and taught,

for the first time in the West, by Liao Yi Lin.

After his stay in China, Bodhidarma left two manuscripts to the Shaolin Temple, describing the practice

of bodily and spiritual awakening. The first practice is called Yijinjing, i.e.

the Book of Tendon and Muscle Changing, and its purpose is to develop strength and health.

The second concerns the elixir of immortality and is called the Xixuijing, i.e.

the Book  of Marrow and Brain Washing. Both manuscripts

– which gave birth to the famous

Shaolin Kung Fu – teach us a wonderful set of practices to keep excellent health…

During this workshop Liao Yi Lin also leads us to the marvelous Chan world, through

Qi Gong practice and meditation.












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