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Practice of Qi Gong for woman and man extrait of the book " The Art of Loving "


Practice of Qi Gong for woman and man extrait of the book " The Art of Loving "


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Practice of Qi Gong for woman and man


extrait of the book " The Art of Loving "

written by Liao Yi LIN


L'art d'aimer de liao



Practice for the Woman 


            This Yin method, intended for women, is taken from The Essence of Woman an ancient Taoist book written a millennium ago. This practice has as its goal the healing of illnesses that are caused by weakness of the woman’s Yin. It is effective in treating the lack of sexual desire, the inability to achieve orgasm, and problems relating to menopause.

            According to this ancient book it is advisable to practice between eleven o'clock and midnight, early in the morning or at dusk.


1. Preparation

            Sit in the lotus position, with the right foot placed in front of the sex, since this is the area from which the vital energy runs the risk of escaping.

            Keep your eyes closed, with the tongue touching the palette, and the mind calm; dismiss wandering thoughts, and breathe in harmony for two to five minutes.


2. Click your teeth

            Grind the different teeth lightly—incisors, premolars, molars—for as long as possible. The goal is to make the teeth more solid, to promote the vital energy, the quintessence.


3. Red dragon, eddy in the sea

            Roll the tongue in your mouth, as if you wanted to clean your teeth, for as long as possible.

            Once the saliva begins to flow abundantly, rinse your mouth with the accumulated saliva, as if with water, and then swallow three times.


4. Beat the celestial drum

            With your palms covering your ears, tap your fingers lightly against your skull eighteen times. Next, wrap all ten fingers around your skull while pressing the palms against the ears; then let go suddenly, eighteen times. Next, with the middle fingers massage the interior of the ears, making circles, six times. Finish in this way: with the palms over the ears, tap your fingers lightly on the skull, eighteen times.


5. Concentrate on the Tan Zhong point (the acupuncture point Tan Zhong is found halfway between the nipples).

            First concentrate on the upper Dan Tien center, at the crown of the skull, then the Shen Ting point, between the eyebrows; next direct your attention towards the middle Dan Tien center, the Tan Zhong point, as if you could see this energetic center with your eyes, as if you could hear the respiration that comes to life there. For the Chinese and the Indians, the woman’s vital energy is located in this place.

            Once you feel a slight warmth within your breasts, take them in your palms, and massage them while turning them slightly to the left and the right, for as long as possible.


6. Minor celestial circulation

            Once the previous steps have been accomplished, the interior energy will spread within you. You can then direct this interior spirit along the following path:

            From the middle Dan Tien center, to the Tan Zhong point, go to the heart and the lungs, then  to the lower Dan Tien center (this energetic center is located three thumbs, or four fingers, below the navel). Continue to the kidneys, then to the Wai Yin point (the tip of the coccyx). Next turn your attention to the Ming Men point (on the dorsal vertebra), then to the rear gate (Yu Zhen, the Jade Pillow), at the base of the occiput, and finally reach heaven’s gate (Ni Wan), at the crown of the skull.

            Remain there for some time before going back down towards the Bridge of the Peak (inside the nose); with the tongue touching the palette, go to Zhong Lao (inside the throat); then rejoin the middle Dan Tien in order to arrive finally at the lower Dan Tien.


            If the interior energy accomplishes this circuit naturally, this means that the Conception Vessel and the Governing Vessel, the two principal meridians that encircle the front and the back of the body, are joined into One. If this is true, the vital energy will circulate without impediment through the other meridians.

            Once this celestial circulation has been accomplished, the blood and the vital energy will be fully nourished. The woman will then achieve excellent health.


            It is recommended that you practice this celestial circulation with a natural respiration. Never force the breathing during the circuit; the movement of interior spirit must take place without mental fixation, relying simply on natural breathing. By acting in this way, you will spontaneously prolong the cycle of your breathing, and slowly your vital energy will circulate throughout all the meridians of your body. Do not ever use force; relaxation is the key to this practice.


7. Transformation of blood into vital energy

            Hold your breasts in your hands, with your index fingers on the nipples. Inhale, while directing the energy from your lower Dan Tien center to your middle Dan Tien center. Next concentrate on the two nipples; exhale while allowing the energy to flow back down to the lower Dan Tien, concentrating your attention on your vagina. Next, inhale once more to the Jian Jing point (the highest point of the shoulder), seventy-two times. At this stage, you should feel with increasing force a palpitation of the perineum, a warmth in the vagina, a rising desire; remain calm, serene, and detached, while accepting these sensations.


8. End of the practice

            Rub your hands together, then place them on the lower Dan Tien, and remain in that position for a period of time to quiet the mind. To finish, rub your hands together, then massage your face gently.


Practice for men


I. Rootedness in the Earth 


            This practice serves to reunite the energy of the heart with that of the kidneys, to harmonize the man’s Yin and Yang, to strengthen the man’s sexual energy, and finally to purify the spirit.


            This practice is recommended for men who have an excess of sexual desire.


1. The legs are close together, the body is relaxed. The eyes look straight ahead, the hands are lowered, and the mouth is closed, with the teeth gently together. Breathing remains natural.


2. Breathe deeply, drawing your breath from your toes, as if your feet were rooted in the earth. Raise your hands as if to grasp something; contract your pelvis as if you were restraining yourself from defecating and urinating.


3. Fill your lungs as fully as possible. Before exhaling, hold your breath for around ten seconds, then exhale fully while letting go of the Hui Yin point (perineum), your legs, and your hands. The whole body relaxes.


4. Return to a neutral state, before starting a second deep inspiration in the same fashion. Carry on this way for two minutes every day.


Note: If you have feelings of arousal or a desire to ejaculate during this movement, concentrate on your breathing and calm your mind. Always practice standing, not lying down on a bed.


II. Great Regenerative Force


            This practice serves to nourish the vital energy, to strengthen the energy of the man’s kidneys, to consolidate sexual energy.


1. Stand in the horse position: With your backbone straight, your legs are slightly bent, your feet are rooted in the earth, your hands are lowered in a natural fashion. Rid your mind of wandering thoughts, and concentrate your attention on the lower Dan Tien.


2. Clench both your fists and strike your chest energetically while inhaling. Once you have inhaled as deeply as possible, shout “Hey!” while relaxing your fists downwards and exhaling. The shout should be brief and energetic. Three times in a row, during a deep inhalation, raise the anus, the belly and the testicles; during exhalation, relax the anus, the belly and the testicles. With this movement, you will feel the energy circulating in the lower Dan Tien from bottom to top.


3. Next, with a rapid, deep, and energetic inspiration, this time strike your chest with your palms, raise the anus, the belly and the testicles; during exhalation, relax the anus, the belly and the testicles. Repeat three times. Then, while exhaling, with the palms stretched towards the earth, relax the anus, the belly, and the testicles, also three times.


4. After this, with a downward movement raise the anus, the belly, and the testicles, while inhaling, three times; during exhalation, relax the anus, the belly, and the testicles, also three time





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